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Voices For Change

Voices For Change - Black Beanie + Digital Download

Voices For Change - Black Beanie + Digital Download

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Voices For Change, Vol. 1

Project Overview:

A comprehensive collection of works from a varied and diverse roster of artists---spanning genres (Latin, Pop, Rap, R&B) and geographic regions (US, UK, Latin America, Middle East, Asia)---using their voice to speak truth to power on issues of social injustice.

Amid a global pandemic that has ravaged communities of color at an astonishingly disproportionate rate, and in recognition of the devastating effects that systemic racism + police brutality have had on disenfranchised peoples around the globe, our diverse A&R team has been hard at work crafting an ambitious compilation project to give voice and give back. 

As a collective call to action rings out across the nation and around the world, it is our hope that by opening up the conversation to our entire EMPIRE roster we can affect change and bring about a renewed sense of community---because these issues are not just black & white. Featured tracks address a range of social justice issues including racism, systemic oppression, police brutality and racial profiling, mental health, community organizing and the like. Each artist speaks directly from their own experiences, shedding light on issues specific to their own unique cultures and communities. 

Every aspect of the creative process has been provided gratis---from the producers of the songs to the artists who recorded them, the engineers who mixed and mastered the project, and the creatives who designed every piece of art & visuals. EMPIRE has always been a vehicle for the under-served: the beginner, the upstart, the entrepreneur, the unheard and under represented. We are asking that our artists keep their publishing because unlike what has unfortunately become industry standard, we strive to build generational wealth for the families of our partners. Profits from the royalties on this project will be donated directly to the change agents who are doing the work of social justice, on the ground, everyday. Because we’re all in this together and we stand united when we say we want a Change.

EMPIRE is donating 100% of the purchase price of this apparel to the ACLU.


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