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Vellione- Stranded On The Wire

Vellione- Stranded On The Wire

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  1. S.O.T.W. Intro
  2. Stranded on the Wire
  3. Vellione ft. 4rAx
  4. Buzz Ball Skit
  5. Hennessy Don't Help ft. 4rAx
  6. I'm Knowin' ft. Keak Da Sneak
  7. Outside ft. 4rAx
  8. Jealous Got Me Strapped
  9. Bay N***a ft. The Hoodstarz
  10. Roll The Dice ft. D-Lo, Sleepy D, 4rAx
  11. What I Seen ft. 4rAx
  12. I Can't Let It Go ft. 4rAx
  13. Let My Nuts Hang ft. J. Stalin, 4rAx
  14. Hell On Earth ft. 4rAx, Mayback
  15. Ready For Drama ft. J. Stalin
  16. I Remember ft. 4rAx, Vitani
  17. I Can't Feel Love ft. 4rAx, Iesha Brooks
  18. Over Nuthin' ft. Shady Nate, 4rAx
  19. He Don't Exist ft. 4rAx, G-Stack
  20. New Pussy ft. Beeda Weeda, 4rAx
  21. Don't Die ft. Stevie Joe, 4rAx, Sky Balla
  22. Understand The Bay ft. Mashasen, 4rAx, Unkol Man
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