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Paul Wall

Paul Wall - Bounce Backs Over Setbacks (CD)

Paul Wall - Bounce Backs Over Setbacks (CD)

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Bounce Backs Over Setbacks Tracklist

1. Haters Stay Watchin
2. Haters Ball f. Z-Ro
3. Feel This f. Stunna Bam
4. Squad Goals
5. Correct Me If I’m Wrong
6. Po Out a Lil Drank
7. Been Goin Thru It f. Cal Wayne
8. Demons Constant Torment
9. Hatin Season
10. The Real Thang
11. To the Moon and Back
12. Another Fallen Soldier f. Mickael
13. Rain and Fire
14. My Time’s Comin f. Crys Wall, Baby Doll Wall Noelle & Will Wall
15. World Series Grillz f. Lil Keke & Z-Ro

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