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J. Stalin

J. Stalin - I Don't Sell Dope No Moe CD

J. Stalin - I Don't Sell Dope No Moe CD

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  1. Tupac (Intro)
  2. Death Around The Corner (feat. Boothatus & Joseph Kay)
  3. Yo Mama House
  4. Realest to Run It (feat. Joseph Kay)
  5. F*cking & Watching Power (feat. Shady Nate)
  6. Human Target Practice (feat. Spit Boi)
  7. Never Horny
  8. How It Go
  9. Pussy Nigga (feat. Joseph Kay)
  10. Bad B*tches on Me (feat. Vellione & Joseph Kay)
  11. Can't Wait (feat. J Day, Saucy, Willow, Yatta, Rockin Rolla)
  12. Pillow Talk (feat. Joseph Kay & Vellione)
  13. U Niggas Sound Scary to Me (feat. J. Stew & Definne)
  14. Don't Cry Tears (feat. Jospeh Kay)
  15. West Oakland Marines
  16. Side B*tch (feat. Lil Blood)


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