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Wale - More About Nothing Vinyl

Wale - More About Nothing Vinyl

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Product Description:
2xLP, Widespine Jacket, Marketing Sticker

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Side A

  1. The MC
  2. The Soup
  3. The Breeze (Cool) (feat. TRÉ & Wiz Khalifa)
  4. The Friends N Strangers
  5. The Number Won (Competition)

Side B

  1. The War (feat. Daniel Merriweather)
  2. The Breakup Song
  3. The Work (Workin’)

Side C

  1. The Black N Gold
  2. The Manipulation 2
  3. The Best In The League (feat. Kevin Durant)
  4. The Posse Cut (Who Don't) (feat. Black Cobain & Fat Trel)
  5. The Guilty Pleasure (Interlude)
  6. The Trip (Downtown)

Side D

  1. Ambitious Girl
  2. The Motivation (B Right)
  3. The Cloud (feat. Tiara Thomas)
  4. The Power (feat. Avery Storm)
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