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Wale - More About Nothing CD

Wale - More About Nothing CD

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4-Panel Digipak


  1. The MC

  2. The Soup

  3. The Breeze (Cool) (feat. TRÉ & Wiz Khalifa)

  4. The Friends N Strangers

  5. The Number Won (Competition)

  1. The War (feat. Daniel Merriweather)

  2. The Breakup Song

  3. The Work (Workin’)

  1. The Black N Gold

  2. The Manipulation 2

  3. The Best In The League (feat. Kevin Durant)

  4. The Posse Cut (Who Don't) (feat. Black Cobain & Fat Trel)

  5. The Guilty Pleasure (Interlude)

  6. The Trip (Downtown)

  1. Ambitious Girl

  2. The Motivation (B Right)

  3. The Cloud (feat. Tiara Thomas)

  4. The Power (feat. Avery Storm)


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